TAKcoin reveals three month plan for coin, halvings coming soon

TAKcoin have released their plans for the coin over the next three months, including halving the coin and launching the recently announced TAKHub social media site.

They state that their goals for this period are to differentiate from other altcoins, launch the TAKHub site, and to acquire more high profile Twitter accounts relating to human rights — listed in their plan is one for race equality, sex equality and another for world news. Acquired one a month for the next three months.

The timeline for TAKHub sees a closed beta test period sometime during April, ramping up dependant upon how it’s working to full launch no later than July 1st. They also plan to invest in Facebook, Twitter and Reddit paid advertisements to promote the service.

Block rewards will be halved twice in this period; going down to 500 sometime in April, and 250 in June.

You can view the more detailed schedule in their Reddit thread.


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