Cryptonator Chrome Plugin: Easily convert currency values in your browser

If there’s been a time when you’re browsing the web and you’ve seen a number of a certain cryptocurrency mentioned. You wonder how much that would be in FIAT.

Cryptonator is a website that allows you to easily calculate conversions between Crypto/FIAT, FIAT/Crypto and even Crypto/Crypto — with over 300 cryptocurrencies included. And now they’ve released a Chrome plugin, so you can use their service directly from your browser.

Just click the little button that appears in your browser after install, then you can enter amounts and select currencies. It’s a super nice-looking and very usable plugin. It also uses volume-weighted averages for the values, so you’re getting a well calculated average across several exchanges.

It sure beats hunting around for an exchange with the coin you’re looking for, then a current Bitcoin value… then heading for the calculator. I’ll be keeping this one installed, it’s going to come in particularly handy when writing articles on the site.

You can check it out on the Cryptonator website, or get the plugin directly from the Chrome Web Store.

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  1. what about firefox?

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