Moolah looking for additional 250 BTC investment

Cryptocurrency payment platform Moolah has announced that it’s looking for a second 250 Bitcoin (worth around $140,500 USD at time of writing) investement as it sets to launch its Prelude exchange, complete with FIAT markets.

Legal fees for compliance in various countries, as well as liquidity, are stated as reasons for this new round of investments — which is coming in five times more expensive than the last round due to company growth in the meantime:

Our initial pie round was 250 BTC for 15%. This time around, it’s 250 BTC for 5%. Legal costs are a PITA. Our projected growth far surpasses anything we had originally predicted, and our service expansion has happened far ahead of schedule.

The full announcement, as well as other progress they are making can be read in the blog post.

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  1. Alex says:

    Wanted to tip but you dont accept Dogecoin…result: no tip!

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